TPG Busy With Restoration Efforts at the Jules Desurmont Mill Complex

August 23, 2012 – (Woonsocket, Rhode Island) – According to Bob Lebeaux, president at The Plastics Group of America (TPG), the company is making great strides in its restoration efforts at the Jules Desurmont Mill complex on Fairmont Street in Woonsocket.

“Since we officially took possession of the site in late July, we have been busy clearing out and cleaning up the site. While local contractors and company personnel have already devoted countless hours to this noble project, they have only begun to scratch the surface on what needs to be done.”

Bob continued, “our initial efforts have focused on making the site more presentable, inside and out. These have included clearing brush, trash and scrap metal from the exterior of the building. Old fencing and fixtures have been removed and new windows are being added, starting with the lowest floors, as we strive to restore the old building’s most majestic features.

Clean up efforts have been equally impressive inside the massive structure. We have cleared out tons of trash and waste (literally) from the various floors and have begun fixing the roof (along with the windows) in our efforts to waterproof the facility.”

“Truth be told, it is an imposing task that we face, but how often do you get the chance to bring a piece of history back to life. We look forward to the day when we can proudly state that ‘Jules Desurmont lives again.'”