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(Woonsocket, RI – March 23, 2015) – The Plastics Group of America (TPG) has been in business for over 40 years. And during that time, the company has worked tirelessly to research, develop and provide its customers with a cost-saving option for their resin applications – recycled resins.

Company president, Bob Lebeaux, remembers what first created the need for recycled resins – “We had a valued customer who had an application that required one of our Polifil® resins but did not have the budget to be able to afford virgin resin. He also had a large quantity of leftover scrap that he didn’t know what to do with. In our ongoing efforts to consistently “Do the Needful” in order to fulfill our customer’s requirements, we suggested that he let us take his scrap, reprocess it, and turn it into usable product for him. And we did.”

Toll processing is the procedure that allows TPG to take a customer’s existing unusable scrap materials and reprocess them into a usable form. Plastics Group of America can reprocess many different forms of scrap through a number of different techniques. The end result – they produce a viable, usable recycled product that ultimately translates into substantial savings for their clients.

The process is relatively straight-forward. First, the Plastics Group takes the client’s film scrap, purging, parts, and chunks and puts them through a variety of processes to break them down. These can include guillotining, grinding, densifying, and shredding – TPG is always ready to do whatever it takes to break them down into a viable form.

Next, TPG custom blends them whenever necessary to produce the specific physical and thermal properties that the customer requires for their application. Once formulated with the blend required, TPG then extrudes them back into usable resin pellets in the quantities requested. When all is said and done, we ship back to the customer a high-quality, recycled resin that can be used again in their manufacturing process.

And along with ultimately reducing their production costs, customers enjoy the “green reputation” that using recycled resins provides – it identifies them as an environmentally-friendly manufacturer, which, it certain instances, might ultimately mean the difference in making a sale.

Bob concluded by stating “Whether it’s providing the very best in custom compounded Polifil® polypropylene-based reinforced resins to the physical, mechanical, and thermal specifications your application requires, or offering a cost-efficient alternative like our recycled resins, TPG is ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill our customers’ varying resin requirements. Be sure to visit our booth, 4344 West, at TPE 2015 to see how we can be of service to you.”

About TPG

The Plastics Group of America is a leading supplier and manufacturer of thermoplastic resins.  Headquartered in Woonsocket, RI, TPG’s services include custom compounding, toll processing, recycling, and distribution.  For more information about any of the products or services that the Plastics Group of America has to offer, please call them at 800-984-4874 or visit their website at