It’s Been a Crazy Winter for Everyone This Year!

A couple of unusual occurrences have highlighted this winter’s calendar at The Plastics Group of America. It began with our building being struck by a reckless driver even before all of the snow started falling. As the accompanying video demonstrates, it was a harrowing experience – outside of the driver probably being a bit shaken up, we are glad that no one was hurt in the incident.

And while the streets were clear for that crash, the record snowfall in New England has meant that area streets have been snow- or ice-covered more often than not the past few weeks. TPG is proud to be able to assist area businesses and contractors by offering a snow clearing off of the top of truck trailers service at its 84 Fairmount location. If you’re a local business that needs this service, just give us a call at 401-765-1000 and we’ll arrange a time when we can clear your truck tops.

Stay safe and here’s hoping that spring arrives sooner rather than later.