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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

TPG is happy to provide Safety Data Sheets for its various product lines. If you do not see the SDS sheet you are looking for on the list below, please contact us at 401-767-2700 and we will provide you with your requested information as soon as possible.

Polypropylene Resins

Calcium Carbonate-Reinforced Polypropylene

Polifil® C Natural
Polifil® C White
Polifil® C Black

Oolitic Aragonite - Filled Polypropylene

Polifil® CO Natural

High Impact Calcium Carbonate Polypropylene

Polifil® RMC Natural
Polifil® RMC Black

Talc-Reinforced Polypropylene

Polifil® T Natural
Polifil® T White
Polifil® T Black
Polifil® T FDA Natural
Polifil® T FDA White
Polifil® T FDA Black
Polifil® T UV Black
Polifil® T-40DH5-4U White
Polifil® T-40DH5-2 Black

High Impact Talc-Reinforced Polypropylene

Polifil® RMT Natural
Polifil® RMT White
Polifil® RMT Black
Polifil® RMT UV Grey
Polifil® RMT UV Natural
Polifil® RMT UV FDA White
Polifil® RMT FDA Natural
Polifil® RMT LM Black
Polifil® RMT NB Black

Mica-Reinforced Polypropylene

Polifil® M Natural

Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene

Polifil® GFPP Natural

Chemically Coupled Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene

Polifil® GFPPCC Natural
Polifil® GFPPCC White
Polifil® GFPPCC Black
Polifil® GFPPCC FDA Natural
Polifil® GFPPCC UV Natural
Polifil® GFPPCC UV Black

Chemically Coupled Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene
Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61

Polifil® GFPPCC WS Natural
Polifil® GFPPCC WS White
Polifil® GFPPCC WS Black

Chemically Coupled Glass
Talc Reinforced Polypropylenes

Polifil® GFPPCCT Natural
Polifil® GFPPCCT Black

Chemically Coupled High-Impact
Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene

Polifil® GFRMPPCC Natural
Polifil® GFRMPPCC Black
Polifil® GFRMPPCC UV Natural
Polifil® GFRMPPCC UV Black
Polifil® GFRMPPCCT Black
Polifil® GFRMPPCCT Natural
Polifil® GFRMPPCCT UV Natural

Barium Sulfate Reinforced Polypropylene

Polifil® BS Natural

Barium Sulfate
Chemically Coupled Glass Reinforced Polypropylenes

Polifil® BSGF-2505 FDA Natural
Polifil® BSGF-2505 FDA White
Polifil® BSGF-2505 FDA Black
Polifil® BSGF-2605 FDA Natural
Polifil® BSGF-2605 FDA White
Polifil® BSGF-2605 FDA Black