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The Plastics Group offers you access to exceptional recycling experts and expertise

Recycling or Toll Processing is a process by which we take your unusable scrap materials and reprocess them into usable form. As you can see from the accompanying Toll Processing graphic, The Plastics Group can reprocess many different forms of scrap through a number of different techniques. The end result – we produce a viable, usable recycled product that ultimately translates into substantial savings for you.

Plastics Group recycling and toll processing

  1. The Plastics Group can take your film scrap, purging, parts, and chunks...
  2. Process them through Guillotining, Grinding, Densifying, and Shredding...
  3. Custom blend them if necessary to produce the physical and thermal properties you require and then extrude them back into usable resin pellets...
  4. And ship you back a recycled resin that can be used again.


To discuss your recycling needs contact, or call 401-767-2700.