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Quality Control

The Plastics Group offers exceptional quality control

The Plastics Group offers exceptional quality control over its process and products

The Plastic Group has a comprehensive quality program in place to ensure product integrity. As an ISO 9001 certified company with an ISO-IEC 17025 certified laboratory, TPG is equipped to meet most of your material quality reporting requirements.  Our compounding facility features a quality control laboratory furnished with state of the art test and diagnostic equipment to certify and verify a number of material properties. Our laboratory is run by highly-skilled personnel who adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure our products meet your specifications. Our facilities provide the tools necessary to research develop and formulate custom compounds to meet your unique requirements.

Our testing capabilities include:

  • Physical Property Testing
    • Melt Index
    • Izod
    • Flexural Properties
    • Tensile Properties
    • Garner Impact
    • DSC
    • Moisture Content
    • Ash Content
    • Gardner Impact
  • Color Testing


Test results are tracked and monitored for all Polifil® products manufactured, and material Certifications are issued with every order. This ensures Lot-to-Lot consistency is adhered to for all products produced.

TPG is committed to quality and a philosophy of continuous improvement in all its operations. We are proud that we have continued to expand our capability and processes to meet our customers developing needs. Our aim is to provide quality services that meet our customer’s requirements and demonstrate our commitment to their needs.