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Polifil® TPOT-2024UV

Polifil TPOT

Talc Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyolefin with UV Stabilization

Polifil® TPO-2024UV is a UV stabilized injection molding grade of compounded TPO utilizing metallocine catalyst technology. This product is intended for applications requiring outstanding impact properties at both ambient and low temperatures needing UV stabilization. The talc filler provides controlled shrinkage and reduced part warpage. Typical applications include automotive interior kick panels, bumper and fascia components, recreational vehicle cowls, and lawn and garden machinery guards.

Use this information as a guide to aid you in selecting the proper resin for your application. TPG will custom compound and fine-tune our formulations to meet your application requirements.

The property values listed in the PDF document(s) have been obtained using laboratory controlled test methods. They are offered without guarantee since conditions under which the product is used are beyond our control. Mold shrinkage is intended as a guide only, as specific shrinkage is affected by part design, mold design and molding conditions. Therefore, The Plastics Group disclaims any liability for loss or damage incurred in connection with the use of this product.

Specific gravity D 792 1.04
Melt flow 230/2.16 (g/10 min) D 1238 Nominal 24
Water absorption, 24 hours (%) D 570 nil
Mold shrinkage, 2.5mm wall (%) TPG 0.9
Mechanical @ 73°F    
Tensile strength @ yield (MPa) D 638 26
Tensile elongation @ yield (%) D 638 6
Tensile elongation @ break (%) D 638 100
Flexural modulus, tangent* (MPa) D 790 2300
Flexural strength, max load* (MPa) D 790 33.6
Izod impact, notched, 23°C (kJ/m²) D 256 >22 partial break
Izod impact, notched, -30°C (kJ/m²) D 256 5.0
Gardner impact, 1/2" tup, 23°C (J) D 5420 >35 ductile
Gardner impact, 1/2" tup, -20°C (J) D 5420 >15 ductile
Hardness, shore (D-scale) D 955 67
Deflection temperature, 1820 kPa (°C) D 648 62
* denotes non-standard crosshead speed of 2mm/min