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Polifil® RP-LDPE

Polifil RP-LDPE

Reprocessed Low Density Polyethylene

Polifil® RP-Low Density Polyethylene is a soft, tough material with good clarity and high chemical resistance. LDPE remains flexible and retains impact strength at very low temperatures. High melt flow (low viscosity) grades are injection molded into products such as containers and lids. Low melt flow (high viscosity) grades are used in blown films for bags and construction, extruded sheeting and pipe, and blow molded containers such as squeeze bottles. Linear Low Density (LLDPE) resins exhibit higher strength and stiffness than traditional LDPE resins for many of these same applications.

The property values listed in the PDF document(s) have been obtained using laboratory controlled test methods. They are offered without guarantee since conditions under which the product is used are beyond our control. Mold shrinkage is intended as a guide only, as specific shrinkage is affected by part design, mold design and molding conditions. Therefore, The Plastics Group disclaims any liability for loss or damage incurred in connection with the use of this product.

Reinforcement content (%) TPG WI -
Specific gravity D 792 0.92
Melt flow 190/2.16 (g/10 min) D 1238 1.0*
Water absorption, 24 hours (%) D 570 nil
Mold shrinkage - 1/8" specimen (in/in) D 955 0.030
Mechanical @ 73°F    
Tensile strength (psi) D 638 1,700
Elongation @ yield (%) D 638 15
Elongation @ break (%) D 638 >300
Tensile modulus (kpsi) D 638 24
Flexural modulus, tangent (kpsi) D 790 30
Flexural strength (psi) D 790 1,400
Izod impact, notched (ft-lbs/in) D 256 no break
Gardner impact, 1/2" tup (in-lbs) D 5420 >200
Hardness, shore (D-scale) D 1415 52
Deflection temperature, 66psi (°F) D 648 160
Deflection temperature, 264psi (°F) D 648 -
* melt flow may be specified