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Polifil® RC

Polifil RC

Reinforced Polypropylene Resins Utilizing Certified Recycled Content

Polifil® RC was developed in response to the growing demand for recycled content resins in the United States in light of international and US regulatory developments, and heightened interest in managing waste streams.

Polifil® RC allows customers to choose specific resins to meet product performance requirements. By controlling the quality and quantity of the recycled material closely, TPG is able to produce materials with very predictable properties. TPG’s in-house 17025-compliant laboratory will test and validate all Polifil® RC materials and supply Certificate of Analysis. The result is a series of compounds with processing and properties comparable to virgin materials.

Typical applications include automotive parts such as HVAC ducts; dashboard and instrument housings; wiring harness components; light housings and brackets; and bumper and trim components. Manufacturers are writing material specifications for new parts, including mandates on the minimum content of recycled materials.

Most Polifil® resins are available in a RC version, using a percentage of recycled content to help lower cost without major changes in properties. For more information, please call (800) 984-4TPG (4874), or e-mail