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Polifil® LM

Polifil LM

Resins for Laser Marking

TPG has developed a series of products, Polifil® LM, to satisfy just about every need for laser marking materials.  Resin bases include polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene, available with all the fillers and reinforcements in the TPG stable.

The benefits of Polifil® LM are impressive, and include: 

  • Lower cost.
  • Increased production speed and throughput.
  • Greatly reduced tooling setup.
  • Total flexibility—rapid, easy changes since the process is software driven.
  • No direct contact between tool and article.
  • No deformation of the product, and no change to the bulk polymer
  • No excessive heat or force on the product.
  • No additional processing needed after marking.
  • Perfect technology for high-mix, low volume manufacturing, such as prototypes.


For more information about TPG’s new Polifil® LM for Laser Marking, please call (800) 984-4TPG (4874), or e-mail