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Color Matching

Free plastic color compounding

The Plastics Group offers its customers free color compounding

The Plastics Group of America offers free color blending and matching as part of its regular compounding services. Purchasers of Polifil® resins can have their filled compounds colored to order, paying only for the color concentrate itself. There are many benefits for injection molders to avoid color-blending in-house.  The further upstream you take the color blending process, the better the color match and consistency tends to be.

Many standard concentrates lose their color intensity if added to a filled feedstock. Molders who do barrel or other means of dry blending in house attempt to overcome this shift in color or bleaching by increasing the amount of color concentrate they add. This approach can degrade the physical properties of the resin and have an impact on production time.

By having TPG do the color blending, molders also receive certain operational benefits. These include:

  • First, no blending is necessary and TPG ensures the consistency of the color from lot to lot.
  • Press operators can pay more attention to the other elements of the production process.
  • Costs for blender acquisition and maintenance are reduced or eliminated.
  • Concentrate no longer has to be stored or handled.
  • Regulatory issues associated with some concentrate materials may also be simplified.


The Plastics Group offers commercial (as opposed to critical) color matching capabilities on a no-charge basis. Processors would normally supply TPG with a color chip or part for matching. TPG will work with our color concentrate suppliers to develop a color concentrate which will not impact the required physical properties of the finished product and ensure lot to lot consistency in color.